Research Papers – Economy

Inflation and the Price of Oil

By Michael Lipsman, December 2017 - View or download this Paper

"As the Federal Reserve Board tries to move its interest rate target higher one confounding factor has been and continues to be the low rate of inflation. So, why have prices remained so stubbornly low? Or alternatively, are there any specific factors holding prices down? Low energy prices, at least recently, seems to be one possible explanation. But what about prior to mid-2014, when oil prices exceeded $100 per barrel?. ... "

SEG Brief - Are Prices About to Jump

By Michael Lipsman, October 2017 - View or download this Paper

"Prices have remained remarkably tame over the past decade, and particularly so over the past several years. This is puzzling given the significant growth in the national debt and the drop in unemployment over this period. ... "

Briefings on the Nation's Economy: Price Anxiety

By Michael Lipsman, April 2016 - View or download this Paper

"Even during the depths of the Great Recession, some economists and a considerable number of politicians worried more about inflation than lost jobs. Now that labor conditions – the unemployment rate, wage increases, and labor participation rate – are all moving in a positive direction, pressure is building for the FOMC to normalize its Federal Funds target interest rate. ... "

Measuring Iowa's Economy: Income

By Michael Lipsman, October 2012 - View or download this Paper

"This paper uses personal income data compiled by the U.S. Department of Commerce s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) to do analysis similar to that previously done using real gross domestic product data." A future paper in this series will examine employment measures.

Measuring Iowa's Economy: Output

By Michael Lipsman, August 2012 - View or download this Paper

"After going through the deepest recession since the 1930s, the United States economy continues to struggle its way back to prosperity. Although not as badly damaged as the economies of many other states, Iowa s economy has not yet fully recovered from the recession."  This paper examines economic output. The next two papers in this series will examine employment and income measures.