Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of research does SEG do?

A. Out staff is experienced in a broad range of economic and planning disciplines including:

  • economic and fiscal impact analysis,
  • cost-benefit analysis,
  • regional economic analysis,
  • economic and financial model development,
  • information systems development
  • economic development strategic planning,
  • housing and transportation planning studies.

Q. What expertise do you have?

A. Our staff has a combined over 100 years of training and experience in economic development, public finance, regional and urban planning, transportation planning, health care economics, with specialties in feasibility studies, economic and demographic forecasting, gaming industry, utility industry and housing needs analysis.

Q. What is the defining character of the research undertaken by SEG?

A. While our approach to projects is "client-specific", our research and conclusions for projects will always be "data-driven" and objective. SEG will not accept any projects for which the client requires that the analysis reflect predefined conclusions.

Q. How long does it usually take to complete a research project?

A. It varies depending upon the scope of the study, the amount of data that the client can provide and the amount of data that we must collect or develop. Typically, our projects require between one month and six months to complete. We often work on short time lines and take pride in delivering our product on time and on budget.

Q. How much should I expect to spend on a project?

A. That depends on the complexity of the project.

  • For work bid on an hourly basis, our typical billing rate is $250 dollars per hour. We will discount our rate for government and non-profit entities.
  • Generally, our hourly rate includes overhead, materials and local travel costs.
  • If a project requires out-of-area travel and/or overnight lodging, those costs are separately itemized in the contract budget.
  • For fixed fee contracts, SEG will complete all work for an agreed upon amount inclusive of all overhead costs.
  • Project specific software and data purchases or lease costs are generally itemized separately.

Q. What type of payment terms do you expect?

A. Once we have agreed upon the specifications of the project, we will prepare a proposed budget. If that is acceptable, we will submit to you a list of the proprietary data that we will need to complete the project. During the course of our work we will provide you with periodic progress reports. For a new client, our contract may stipulate periodic partial payment of the fee with the balance to be paid when the work is completed. We consider the project completed only when the results are acceptable to the client. Final payment is generally due 30 days after billing. Accounts unpaid after 30 days will be assessed a compounded late payment penalty of 1.5% per month.

Q. Who owns the rights to the finished product?

A. That depends on the confidentially level required by the client.

  • For projects in which the client requires confidentiality of the data, we consider the final report, intermediate drafts all related drafts and data to be the property of the client.
  • Otherwise, Strategic Economics Group owns all rights to the intermediate work products, working drafts, and models developed for the project.
  • When the final bill has been paid, ownership of the research results and any final reports transfers to the client unless stipulated otherwise in the project agreement.
  • In some instances we will construct models and lease their use to the client.
  • NOTE: We have included on this website copies of many of the reports that we prepared, but only with the permission of the owners.

Q. What types of models do you use in your analyses?

A. We have extensive experience preparing economic impact analyses from zipcode to national level using impact models including IMPLAN Input-Output Model, REMI dynamic regional impact model and GIS modeling and mapping. We also build project-specific customized economic and statistical models using proprietary software.

If you have any other questions or are interested in a project quote, please email us or call (515)246-0764.

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